Bring your relationship to a better place

Learn to develop a healthy and secure attachment with your partner through couples therapy.

Reignite your connection with couples counseling

Welcoming people of all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, dis/abilities, socio-economic status, and cultures.

If you’re experiencing conflict, dissatisfaction, or infidelity in your relationship, you might find it difficult to work through these issues without a therapist to facilitate those tough conversations. Maybe you’re constantly fighting, struggling to communicate, or neglecting each other’s needs – making it difficult to come back to a place of love and connection.

Heal the source of your relationship issues

In couples therapy sessions, I use transformative tools to help you to reconnect to yourself and to build a stronger connection with your partner.

I can help you and your partner discuss the issues you’re having and explore the root of them through attachment style examination. As we move through these challenges together, you’ll learn how to find solutions that enable you to better communicate, connect, and meet each other’s needs.

Learn to develop a secure attachment style

Attachment styles refer to the ways we relate to each other in close relationships, based on our past experiences with attachment figures (usually parents or caregivers). The main attachment styles are secure, insecure-avoidant, insecure-ambivalent, and disorganized. Our goal is to help you develop a secure style, So that you can experience more relational joy and less pain.

Transform Unhelpful Behavior Patterns and Create Lasting Change

As an experienced psychiatric nurse practitioner I’ll help you recognize how your behavior was shaped by your caregivers. I’ll teach you to manage the whoosh of overwhelm. As you reprocess trauma in session you may find the intensity of overwhelm decreases and you are able to pause and show up for your partner as a wise adult. You can then use skills learned in session to connect and find joy.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, I am currently accepting patients who can avail themselves of mental health treatment as part of their insurance plans in New Hampshire.

While no one attachment style is objectively “best” as each style has its own strengths and challenges, a secure attachment style is considered the most healthy. This is because individuals with this style have a positive view of themselves and others, and feel comfortable with intimacy and relying on others for support. They also tend to have more positive and fulfilling relationships.

Yes, I require all patients engaging in my couples therapy treatment to also undergo individual therapy. This is because individual therapy can be beneficial in addressing personal issues that may be affecting your relationship.

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